7 top tips for writing your web content

1. Make each post count

Have a point to the content you produce. Write about something your readers and clients want to know. The more useable your information, the more shared it will be.


2. Use simple terms

Don’t think that everyone that visits your site is going to know what you are talking about. Make sure you use repeatable terminology so that anyone reading your web pages understands what you do.


3. Keep your content short and to the point

Every piece of information you share with your readers should be a quick read. Check out this post – How long should your blog be?


4. Use links to other content on your site

Keep your readers reading by linking to other pages or previous posts.


5. Web pages need to be easy to read

Too much content can annoy your readers. Think bullet points, links to other pages and short paragraphs.


6. Use memorable headings

They stand out and stick in your customers memory


7. Lists are awesome

They make writing web content super easy!

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  • Bel
    Posted at 19:31h, 17 May

    Thank you Llew – great info as i continue to refine my content! 🙂