8 Simple Blog or Article Ideas for your Business

Well now that you know you need current content for your website to be seen, How do you think up new blog’s every week?

We have listed some high level ideas to get you started. These can be used over and over again, just be changing your subject, to ensure you have content for the months to come.

1. What’s in the news?

There is always industry news, no matter what your niche. Link to a recent news article which has been widely covered. If you can reference a current news event in a blog post, you will be able to gain new traffic onto your site through potential customers searching for news stories.

2. ‘How to’ list

This is a highly search keyword search. I’m sure you have entered into your search engine – ‘How do I…’, or ‘How to…’ so why not create this piece of information around your business e.g. How to patch a hole in the wall; How to change a washer; How to be visible online….

3. Write an opinion on a hot topic

You have an opinion, so why not share it. There would be topics within your industry which are hot topics for and against. So if you have a side, voice it. Or better yet, create a pro vs cons list. Get people talking. Get people connecting.

4. Answer customer questions

I know I’ve covered this before in 5 Easy Content Ideas for your Website, but it is so easy to do. In your business, you would have questions you are asked every day. You may even address these in your information booklet, on your website, or even attached to quotes you provide.

So put it into your blog. We are talking about current content here, and if this is information you have readily available, why wouldn’t you share it in more ways than one?

5. Write about a product

Every so often you are going to want to tell your clients about products and services you offer. Of course, you are running a business after all. But why not craft it as a story. It will read much better and will provide your customers with reasons as to why they should buy it.

An educated and informed customer is more likely to buy from you than one that just sees the heading – SALE.

6. Supplier/Vendor of the week

Share the love. In business, you can’t survive without partnerships and business relationships. So why not tell your customers about it?

Set it up so your love is reciprocated and you will forge a great business relationship as well as reaching a bigger market.

7. Interview a customer

Your customers are your lifeblood. Without them, you don’t have a business. So why not ask your customers what they want from your industry. It will help you as a business but also cover items you may not be aware of. Put this into a blog as it covers what your customers are looking for. And if you offer the services your customers are looking for – what better way to show you are the right person for the job?

8. Highlight a report in your industry

Use the feedback from interviewing your customers and turn it into a report. Or research industry feedback. Highlight this ohm your blog. It will show that you care about what is happening in your industry, niche and outside your bubble. If you are talking about the latest news, again, this will help potential customers connect with you.

You and your business have a personality. Make sure you use it in your content.

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