5 Tips On How To Research Your Blog Content

1. Google it

What is the first thing we do when searching for anything?

Look for it on the web.

Right – so when conducting your research, type in your blog idea into your search engine. 


This is what ‘keywords’ are – the ‘key words’ you type into a web search

See what other people have written or are writing about in this field and use them as inspiration.

Do not copy someone else’s content. Simply use your research as ideas to bulk up your article or blog, or to back up your own content with a link to the original article as reference.

000 Research Blog Content

 2. Try varying your keywords.

Ok so your blog is about ‘How to hang a picture’. You search this keyword phrase and you don’t like what you see.

What now?

Well what do you do when you can’t find an answer to your first question?

Try asking the question in a slightly different way.


How to hang a picture

  1. How to align a picture
  2. How to hang a level picture
  3. How to hang a picture frame

 3.Look at the predicative search

Much like our phones predict what we are trying to type, search engines also predict what we are searching for based on high volume search requests made previously.

001 Research Blog Content

See how this search engine is trying to predict what I am looking for. You can use these as alternatives to your original search.

4.Use related searches for ideas

At the bottom of any web search you will find a list of related searches. By simply clicking on any of these links you will be privy to even more searchable items.

002 Research Blog Content

5. What’s in the news?

Current news items are always a great indication on what is trending in your business space at any given time. You can even use these articles in your blog post by creating a link back to them to support your blog content.


If you are using a section of direct content, advice or statistics from another site within your own content, YOU MUST attribute the original article or author.

And don’t forget to let the original author know, and ask if they would like to share your article within their own contacts. This will widen your audience reach.

Don’t have the time to research and write your own content?

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