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15 Simple Blog ideas for your website

Stuck for ideas on what to put into your blog? Well here is a quick list of 15 easy blog ideas for your business.

 1. Post an explainer blog

Do you have clients asking you the same question all the time? Then write an instruction article and post it on your website. That way clients and customers can refer to it, and you can send the link to anyone in the future who needs it.

 2. Answer a question from a client or customer

It doesn’t have to be a long post, a simple question and answer will do. The thing is if one person has asked the question, others would be wondering as well.

3. Share an article of interest

You don’t have to know everything, but if you find an article of good value, others might too.

4. Write a series of posts – each following on from the last

If you have an idea, and this idea has several points, you could spread the post out over a number of weeks. This will also entice your readers to keep coming back.

5. Write without a script

Write from the heart, without thinking too much about the ‘business’ and you will find you connect so much easier to your database.

6. Ask for a guest blog

Contact others in your industry and ask for them to contribute. They can then share it on their own site and you have cross promotion in an instant.

7. Review a book

Simple, easy to do, and gets you off the computer for a while.

8. Review a product

Offer your thoughts as to a product you have used recently. There is always room for more opinions.

9. Review a service

Have you received excellent or poor service recently? Tell us.

10. Help promote another business, give a recommendation

Cross promotion is a great way to reach an entirely new customer database. Offer to promote another business, and ask if they can do the same for you.

11. Talk about something current in the headlines

Comment of a big interest story to increase the number of readers to your site.

12. Share how you learnt from a recent mistake

Be humble. Be human and let others know what you learnt.

13. Interview someone

Over coffee, the phone or via email. Most small business owners would love to share their knowledge.

14. Ask your readers a question and collate their responses

Have your readers contribute to your content.

15. Have an opinion

Show you care about what is happening around you.

Do you have another idea on how to produce content for your blog? Be sure to add it to the comment field below. We would love to hear your ideas

See it helps with our own content…Shhh

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